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Java Junction

Coffee Shop





  Hot Drinks

12oz     16oz     20oz

Brewed coffee                                       1.75      2.25      2.75

Americano                                            2.50     3.00     3.50 Café Breve                                             3.75     4.25      4.75

Latte, Macchiato,                                                                 

Hot Cocoa, Cappuccino                       3.50     4.25     4.75 Mocha or White Choc Mocha            4.00     4.50    4.90  

Specialty Drinks                                   4.00     4.50    5.00

Espresso shot -                       single:   1.50   double: 2.00 Flavored hot tea –                                                        2.00

*additional flavor shot or milk substitutes (skim, almond, soy) add 50 cents each

**sugar free options available

  Cold Drinks                        

  16oz     24oz

Iced Coffee                                                        3.50     4.50 (with cold brew)                                              

Iced Latte or Macchiato                                 4.00    5.00
(with espresso shots)

Frappe                                                               4.50    5.50
(mocha, caramel, vanilla)

Smoothie                                                           4.50    5.50

(mango, strawberry banana, 

 wild berry)

Iced Tea                                                             1.00    1.50  

Canned Soda                                                    1.00

Bottle Water                                                     1.00

Apple Juice                                                        1.00

Orange Juice                                                     1.00

*protein powder additional $.50

 Baked Goods

Scones                                                                           2.50
(blueberry, white chocolate raspberry,
orange cranberry, apple cinnamon, 
chocolate chunk)

Muffins                                                                          2.50
(chocolate chocolate chunk, blueberry
crumble, banana nut, triple berry)

Bagels                                                                             1.95
(plain, blueberry, cinnamon,

 Lunch Items

Tuna or Chicken Salad Sandwich on Croissant 

(original or cranberry pecan)                                   6.00
(with chips)                                                                 

Salads                                                                           6.00
(strawberry-apple-nut, Caesar,


Add Grilled Chicken                                                    1.50

Soup of the Day (Fall & Winter)                                4.00

(broccoli cheddar, creamy baked 

 potato, chili, chicken pot pie, 
taco soup)

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About the Owner

Owned and operated by Trey Kasten, the idea of owning a small café developed in high school.  Trey is a 2017 graduate of Chanute High School. Baking and restaurant ownership has been part of the family since the early 70’s.  Trey’s grandfather owned a donut shop and his grandfather and father owned a restaurant together in the early 90’s.  Trey’s father had always encouraged his children “to find something they loved and figure out a way to make money doing it.”  Trey loved talking and interacting with people, and he loved the idea of owning his own business with coffee and pastries.  After obtaining his associate’s degree in 2019, he was still unsure what career path he wanted to pursue and the coffee shop idea was revisited.  He found a great building with a drive through available, chose a theme to honor Chanute’s rich train history, and Java Junction came to life in February of 2020.